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The Basics For Healthy Hair

  • Seek to know your hair type. If you have very short hair, go to the next step. To determine your hair type, click here.


  • Determine a goal by examining your hair, your scalp, and see what problems you may have if you have any. Observe all you can and give yourself a clear objective and write it  down.


  • Establish a hair care routine suitable to your hair needs and your lifestyle. To help you, click here.


  • Get the main and essential accessories.


  • Think about what kind of products you will use more (homemade, industrial, powders etc). And get what you need.

Basics Accessories

  • Satin scarf or silk
  • A cleanser
  • A conditioner
  • A mask (optional but necessary)
  • a moisturizer
  • A gel or custard (optional but necessary)
  • A 100% natural oil of your choice
  • A big and wide comb (optional)
  • A soft brush (optional but necessary)

Need Help ?

You are not alone, we can help you.


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