Hair Types

How to Determine Your Real Hair Porosity – 3 Easy Steps.

Hair porosity is very essential to have healthy hair Hair porosity is one of the things people always want to determine by themselves but often do mistakes when it comes to this. I noticed most people usually say they have high hair porosity while others say they have low hair porosity, meanwhile they do not […]

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How To Determine Your Real Hair Types

Hair types are one of the thing everybody should know for healthy hair care. In the natural hair community, the determination of hair type is by letters and numbers such as hair type 4a, or hair type 3a or hair type 4a which is called “visual hair type”. I never really knew if my hair […]

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Type Of Hair – 4 Elements To Know About Hair.

Type of hairĀ  is a big topic on the natural community hair. In natural hair community, most of the people identify their hair with numbers and letters such as 1A or 2B or 3C or 4B or 4C. And on the other hands, for most people like me, It is very confusing, challenging and stressful […]

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