How To Retain Length And Thicken Hair Naturally

How to retain length and thicken hair naturally? if you are trying to grow your hair and thicken it.

Before I start, I want to tell you that if you do not have thin and fine hair, you can still follow the steps, it doesn’t matter your type of hair. These steps are for everybody.

Also, guys you know that for thin and fine hair, we do not really have big volume naturally. So what we have to do is to kind of manage, keep the volume we have and maybe increase it a little bit more. So, that’s what I want to say about thin and fine hair.

And about the length, it doesn’t matter your type of hair neither. Your hair will grow no matter what. So, the length doesn’t matter when it concerns your type of hair but the volume does matters. Let’s get started!

  1. Moisture.

You have to keep your hair always moisturized. No matter what, keep your hair always moisturized. This means you have to know your hair type, you need to have a hair care regimen, and you have to know what kind of products to use on your hair. All those three things really matter. So, keep your hair always moisturized. That’s the most important thing to do in order to keep your hair length and volume.

  1. Care for the Ends.

You have to keep your hair ends always moisturized. When you style your hair, pay much attention to the ends of your hair. Apply the product on the ends of your hair as well. Do not forget that most of the products have to get to the ends, because the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair. So, they need a lot of moisture.

  1. Less Manipulation.

Find a hair style that can stay on your head for at least a week. If you wash your hair maybe twice a week, then you could find a hair style that can last for two or three days until you wash your hair. Do not touch or style your hair all the time. No, guys. No, no, no!! That’s why I like to do my washing goals and they last for about a week.

At first, when I used to wash my hair twice a week, I did my washing goals twice a week and that was OK! And even after styling or taking care of my hair, I usually do not put hands into my hair (stretching, touching etc).

  1. Avoid Heat.

If you have thin and fine hair and you are looking for volume as well as keeping length, you have to avoid heat because heat damages the hair. Even if you want to use heat, guys, use it at least once or twice a year. You can have that luxury to strengthen your hair or blow it once after six months. Yeah, you can do that. But applying heat all the time with flat irons or blow dryers becomes dangerous for your hair. Stay away from them guys.

  1. Avoid combing and brushing.

I see a lot of people using a scalp massage brush to brush their hair. Don’t do that! It’s for the scalp only. So, avoid that. Through my research, I discovered that combs and brushes damage the hair a lot. I also noticed that some people detangle their hair during the washing session. When they shampoo their hair or do a comb washing, they usually detangle their hair. This is not good. A lot of researches have proven that when you shampoo your hair and brush or comb it, you are damaging your hair. So, stay away from combs and brushes.

Try to use your fingers like me. They are safe, better and smooth for the hair. If you have strong hair, use a good conditioner that can help you with that. I have a video about different conditioners that are good for sleeping. My advice for you guys, stay away from combs and brushes. Use your fingers.

  1. Avoid Chemicals.

Stay away from chemicals (relaxers, bleachers, dyes). These are chemicals that have the power to dry your hair. When you use those chemicals, your hair gets dry and then breaks. A lot of people with dyes sometimes say “my hair is not growing”. Yes, because your hair is dry and breaks. So, if you have colored or bleached hair, in order to retain your length, you have to use a lot of conditioning treatment. You have to do a conditional treatment maybe twice or once a week. You also have to do a lot of moisturizing treatment to give your hair the moisture and adhesion those chemicals are sucking up.

  1. Avoid Extensions.

It does not matter what kind of extension. Avoid them. They dry the hair. Like I said, dry hair breaks. Also, when you use extensions on your hair all the time, you will lose the volume you have. When you have a small volume and thin fine hair like me, using extensions reduces the volume of our hair.

Also, I noticed a lot of people on YouTube right now are using clips. Yes, even clips dry the hair because those clips are very harsh on the hair scalp. I used them before. They were heavy to my scalp. But remember they still dry the hair out. So, if you can avoid them, avoid them. If not, try to use them less than usual.

  1. Night Routine.

The last tip I have for you guys, keep your hair protected at night. You can use a satin scarf or maybe a satin pillowcase or you can tie your hair with a satin material. It does not matter, just has to be satin or silk. So, protect your hair at night so that it stays moisturized. By so doing, you will get up with hydrated moisturized hair.

So guys, I want to talk a little bit about myself. Like you already know, I have thin and fine hair. The volume I have now was not what I had when my hair started growing. Right now, I feel like the volume of my hair is getting a little bit thicker. I am very happy with the volume I have right now.

I practice all those steps. Everything I tell you, that is what I do. I do not put extensions, I do not use heat on my hair, I have a hair care routine, I use the proper products on my hair and I do not bleach or dye my hair. My hair is very long; do not be fooled by the curls. Try to follow those steps and I hope that you are going to keep the length of your hair and also start noticing a little bit more of the volume of your hair.

Watch the video down bellow if you like too.


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