Easy Dreadlocks & Coils On SHORT HAIR In 5 MIN

This method is very fast and easy and you do not need to go to a barber or salon to get dreadlocks and coils hairstyles on short hair. You can do it yourself at home whenever you want.


  • Warm Water
  • Ecostyler Gel or your best gel  http://weav.me/~ka5c

eco styler argan oil gel

  • Abricot oil or your favorite natural oil     https://goo.gl/MvD8GN

  • Soft Brush


Step 1 : Wet very well your hair

Step 2 : Apply oil

Step 3 : Apply gel

Step 4 : Spray water again

Step 5 : Roll hair with the brush

Step 6 : Spray some more water

Step 7 : Shake your hair in different direction



dreadlocks and coils

Style may last up to 3 days. It depends on your hair routine and the way your protect your hair.

Video available here


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