How to Determine Your Real Hair Porosity – 3 Easy Steps.

Hair porosity is very essential to have healthy hair

Hair porosity is one of the things people always want to determine by themselves but often do mistakes when it comes to this. I noticed most people usually say they have high hair porosity while others say they have low hair porosity, meanwhile they do not even have that. In fact, they do not really know what hair porosity type they have. It took me a long time to determine my hair porosity. I will show you three easy steps that will help you know how to determine your real hair porosity type. Let’s get             started!

  1. Water Test.

Obviously, a lot of people already know what the water test is all about. You can take a glass and fill it with water. Next, you drop a string of your hair into the glass of water. If you notice the hair floats on the surface of the water (close to the level of water in the glass), then it is low porosity. If the hair is a little bit below the water level (neither at bottom nor top), then it is normal porosity. In the case where the hair settles at the bottom of the glass, you have high porosity.

“Be A Master Of Observing Your Hair”

  1. Application of products.

For people that have low hair porosity, when you apply a product on your hair, your hair does not absorb that product completely. It is a little bit difficult. You therefore find some residues of the products on the top of your hair.

For people with high hair porosity, when applying a product on your hair, your hair absorbs the product so easily and fast. You will not see any residue on your hair.

For people with normal hair porosity, in the course of applying a product, your hair actually absorbs the product. That hair is neither fast nor slow. It is normal and will take you sometime but the hair will absorb the product.

You can try this when you are styling your hair (whether on wet or damp hair, it does not matter) or doing a hair treatment. Try to do this once, twice or even thrice and take note of how your hair reacts.

  1. While Washing Your Hair.

For people who have low hair porosity, while under the shower, washing your hair, your hair absorbs water difficultly. It takes time for your hair to really get wet, so you have to try to manipulate your hair in some way or put in more efforts for your hair to actually get wet fast.

For people with high hair porosity, your hair absorbs the water easily and fast. No need for manipulations.

For people who have normal hair porosity, your hair absorbs water normally. Neither fast nor slow. Everything is kind of normal.

           I advise you to try these three steps as frequent as you can in order to obtain best of results and try with different products (step 2). Observe your hair


You can watch the video about it if you like down bellow.

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