Alopecia Traction On Women And Children Black Hair

Alopecia traction is one of the scalp disease most of the black women encounter all the time.

Today, children, young and old women got Alopecia on a regular basic, which is bad . A young girl shouldn’t walk on the street with no hair at the front of her head or the back of it. A young girl should have all her hair striving and healthy. Let’s talk about causes now.

Alopecia traction


To have Alopecia traction is very easy and fast. Some big causes are :

  • Pulling hair up too often and too tied.
  • Brushing and combing hair too often
  • Excess of manipulation
  • Braiding hair too much and too tied
  • Wearing wigs often and for long period of time
  • Weaving hair too much and tied.
  • Not protecting hair at night.

Just let your hair breathe, and alone. Let it be. You do not need to manipulate it all the time, to touch it or braid it or weave it. Let the hair alone and you will not get the sickness.

Normally, We all those have a choose when it comes to our hair. We can choose to take care of it better better or to treat it the way we want and expect having good results. Just think about how you treat your hair a moment.


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