Afraid Of Using Hair Styling Gel

Hair Styling Gel Good or Bad?

Hair gels are products that I consider essential and good for the hair. But I do not know why many people are scared of using gels on their hair. Some people do ask me questions. They want to know if they can use natural oils instead of using gels. I do not know why you should be scared of using gels. This is exactly our topic of discussion.

Firstly, you guys have to know that there exist good gels as well as bad gels. My recommendation for gels is to use those gels that do not contain sulfate, alcohol and silicon.

My Recommendations

  • Custard is a good alternative for gels. It is similar to a gel but with more moisturizing effects. So, you can also use a custard. Besides, if you end up with dry or damaged hair after applying a gel, then it might be because of improper use of the product.

Hair styling gel

  • The best way to apply a gel is to always apply a moisturizer underneath it. This moisturizer can be either natural oil or a leaving conditioner or even a conditioner.
  • You should not be afraid of using gels. Just go on and try different gels, maybe one, two or three until you find the one which perfectly suits your hair.
  • I also suggest you start by using the cheapest gels because sometimes those expensive ones do not necessarily give us the results we need. For example, Eco Style Argan Oil is the cheapest gel that I use. Cantu Shea Butter Define and Shine Custard is the cheapest custard that I use. You can start with these or whatever you find that is cheap.

So, now, guys you have reasons not to be afraid of hair styling gel. Remember when choosing your gel, you pay attention and make sure sulfate, alcohol and silicon are not part of the ingredients.

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