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Josiphia rizadoI would like to talk a little about me !

I am Josiphia, married to my wonderful husband AC and my background is Chemical Engineering, Healthy Hair Coach & Scientist, Hair Products Expert and Formulator, Relationship Counselor, Writer and Entrepreneur.

I am a type of woman that like to take care of my whole body. But my hair was one of my big issue, because it was looking very fragile, dry, and I was not seeing any growth. So I was braiding my hair, wearing wigs and weaves and I was doing my hair every week or two weeks. Also I was following some advises from some people saying that even with extensions you can still take care of your hair and protect it. But the results on my hair after doing that was dryness, weakness and broken hair. I got alopecia traction, i was loosing my hair and i was not comfortable at all with my hair. Nevertheless I enjoyed wearing them though.



So after struggling with my hair for more than 25 years, I decided to change that, and really fall in love with my new natural hair . In addition, feel comfortable with what I have. So I started researching, reading, and studying my hair (i did cut off all my hair to experience on it), and black hair in general.

And one day, I finally understood how to take care of my hair and my husband's hair properly. I understand now what black hair is about and how to take care of it.

By the way this is AC my wonderful husband and partner. All about men's hair, i have learned on his hair.


So doing my research, I did experiences on him, and I discovered more and a lot about black men hair also. You can see some progress of his hair and mine in details on the portfolio.

We had dry, nappy and afro hair before and today we have healthy, curly, moisturize and shiny hair. I have also understood that hair is unique for each and everyone so the way i treat my hair shouldn't be the same as someone else.

Some may think it happened overnight, or there is a special secret, but what I have understood with hair, is  to be patient, consistent and observe.

Today my husband and I are so happy with what we have achieved and we want to share and help other people, because let's get real, our hair can't be treated like white people hair. I tried and it didn't work and i know you probably have done it as well.

We are here to help and I want all my people from Africa, United States, England and all around the world, to wear and enjoy their hair healthy, and curly.

"We all Black People have curly natural hair, we just need to take care of it differently" 

by Josiphia Rizado

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